Welcome to the Spirit of Glassboro!

Hello and welcome to the Spirit of Glassboro! I’m Steve Giangola and a senior at Glassboro’s very own Rowan University. I’ve called Glassboro, New Jersey home for the past few years as I’ve made my way through college and have seen the town change in just this short amount of time. As the university continues to expand, many students may miss some of the historical treasures that this town holds. I wish to change that.

Through this blog I’d like to reveal and fascinate with the stories and legends that may have other wise gone unnoticed to the multitude of young people that make Glassboro their second home for four years. From the city’s past as a thriving community for glass works in the 19th century to the founding of Glassboro State College in the 20th and to the rebranding of that school into Rowan University in the 21st, I’d not only like to examine Glassboro’s historical gems but look towards the future as well. In addition to retrospective posts about historical Glassboro, I will cover events around Glassboro that cater to the growing student population as well as the suburban community that exists here too.

I will begin my quest in examining Glassboro’s past as South Jersey’s “Glass Works in the Woods” as it was appropriately deemed by the town’s founder, Solomon Stranger. My journey will take me through the decline of this once thriving industry into Glassboro’s rebirth as home to a prestigious teaching college, Glassboro State and into the 1960’s, where I will examine the Glassboro Summit Conference, during which US President Lyndon B. Johnson met with Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin to discuss an agreement on limiting anti-ballistic missile systems. The purported positive atmosphere of the Summit was deemed “the Spirit of Glassboro” and is from which I derive my blog’s title. From that point, I will focus on Henry Rowan’s $100 million dollar donation to Glassboro State and its transformation into Rowan University. Although these are the major points on which I will focus, I’d also like to discover all of the little stories in between that make local history truly compelling. I hope to be surprised and fascinated by the things I find and hope you will be as well. I will also cover local events, whether they be music events or wine tastings, that are shaping Glassboro into the home of an ever expanding university town.

I’m delighted to share the stories I find here in the town and share my love of the place where I’ve transformed from wide eyed freshmen student into a driven, young adult. So come along and join me, as I revel in the delight of digging through some local history!

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