Boro Spotlight: Glassboro Thrift Village

Photo by Steve Giangola

This week I’d like to call your attention to a little gem located on Delsea Drive. The business is none other than Glassboro Thrift Village, which has consistently met my thrifty needs for years. Just a few minute drive from the Rowan campus, Thrift Village offers a plethora of clothes, jewelry, art, toys, trinkets, electronics, books, music, furniture, you name it, they’ve got it. Not only does the thrift shop provide cheap clothes for cash strapped students but is surely worth checking out if you’re furnishing a new apartment. I’ve gotten countless items at Glassboro Thrift Village, ranging from the bizarre and ridiculous to the useful necessities that may cost triple from a normal retail shop. And best of all for you Rowan students, Glassboro Thrift Village accepts Boro Bucks!

Photo by Steve Giangola

As you first enter the Glassboro Thrift Village, you will find yourself in the clothing section. GBTV offers clothes for women, men and children including winter jackets for those of you on a budget and trying to stay warm this Winter! The clothing section also offers jewelry, dresses, suits and shoes. The store is fueled by donations so really, you could stumble across any type of clothing, it’s just a matter of digging! Also, its worthy to note that because they are donation-driven that if you have any clothes (or anything else for that matter) you’d like to donate, please do so!

Photo by Steve Giangola

Heading into the back area of the store, you will find all sorts of kitchen ware. Mugs, cups, silverware, teapots, glass jars, there is no limit to what you may find on these shelves to fill your kitchen cabinets. There is also a row of shelves that contains many little trinkets, from statues of the Virgin Mary to mini-busts of the Founding Fathers, there is plenty to check it out, if not to buy at least for a laugh. Remember, exploring Thrift Village is the fun of the adventure, you never know what you’ll find.

Photo by Steve Giangola

The rest of the back area of the store is deceptively large when viewed from the outside. The back area contains many couches, furniture as well as electronics and books. They have stereos, film cameras, TV’s, record players, speakers, Playstations, VHS tapes and all sorts of other electronics you had forgotten about since 1999. But for those of us with student loans and food to worry about, flat screens are a post graduation dream! Also, the front of the store has DVD’s and video games. I’d like to note that the store also provides a great CD/DVD restoring service that will bring your media back to life for only $5.00!

Photo by Steve Giangola

The back area also contains many other items from gaudy 80’s dining room sets to all sorts of exercise equipment probably advertised by people in neon leggings. Although some of the stuff is a bit old, much of it works and is offered at a fair price. The low prices is really what makes this place visiting, again, especially for cash strapped college kids. I’ve found all sorts of items in the stores depths from beer brewing kits to tents to glass cutting tools to motorized wheelchairs (which yes, I did take for a test ride).

Furbies, that’s right, Furbies. Photo by Steve Giangola

Take my word, if you haven’t been here before you must come check it out. Even if you’re not interested in making any purchases this place is worth grabbing a couple of friends and exploring if just to laugh at the silly things you might find.

Glassboro Thrift Village is located at 169 Delsea Drive South, Glassboro, NJ 08028. You can reach them at 856-863-5558. Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm. Friday, Saturday 9am-7pm and Sunday 11am-5pm. 

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  1. This story is a lot of fun and definitely persuaded me to take a trip to the Glassboro Thrift Village. I wish you had included pictures of items you had ACTUALLY purchased, but none the less the pictures you included were very intriguing. Also, be sure to stay consistent with what you call the store. Once you called it GBTV, you should continue to call it that.


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