The Boro through the Eyes of a Student

With Rowan University playing such a large role in  the town of Glassboro, this week I’d like to focus on student perspective via a Q&A with Fadi Elsmaily, a senior Chemistry major here at Rowan. Elsmaily is originally from Bergen County, New Jersey and has called Glassboro home for the past few years as he makes his way toward a degree. He lives off campus and is familiar with the suburban side of Glassboro that many students do not experience in their time here. He is considering doing graduate work at Rowan or another New Jersey institution.

Fadi Elsmaily, Rowan student. Photo by Steve Giangola

How important was location when choosing to attend Rowan University?

Fairly important. I liked that I wasn’t too far from home and being close to Philadelphia. I came down and took a look at the school and Glassboro. I liked that Glassboro wasn’t this bustling kind of town like New Brunswick and that it had some suburban elements in it. It provided a kind of hometown feel to a place with a decent sized college. I like the balance.

How much did you know about Glassboro itself before attending?

Honestly, not that much. I took a tour and they gave some information about it but I hadn’t heard much about it before. I was excited to learn that it does have an interesting past. And of course, I had heard about the rumors of it always smelling like chocolate because of some factory. I learned that’s only sometimes though. (laughs) But yeah, I like to find new stuff out.

Do you think Glassboro makes a good university town and if so, why?

I think it does. I know some of my friends that probably wouldn’t agree. There’s only like one bar and stuff so I guess I can see why they say that but I like Glassboro’s down tempo feel. Its nice to have a place that isn’t this crazy town with a million different things going on. I like the city but I rather live in an area like this. I can interact with a bunch of people but I don’t have to deal with the stress of a bunch of noise and a lot of cars and stuff.

With plans for major development, where do you see the future of Glassboro going?

It’s growing like crazy. Yeah, they’re putting in that hotel and all those other businesses so I think that’s good. It’s giving students a bunch more interesting options to go and eat and shop so I can appreciate there. I see Glassboro expanding even more and kind of losing that suburban element that I do appreciate. Even though that’s so, I don’t mind. It will be exciting for new students and it will draw more people to the school. Plus I’ll be graduated by the time that all happens. (laughs)

What do you like best about the town and what would you recommend to fellow students?

There a bunch of places to eat, that’s nice. The downtown area is pretty small but I like going there anyway. Little Beefs, there on High Street is a great place. Bomb Bomb is also on the same street and is a great place to get some food too. Both also take Boro Bucks so that’s nice. There’s also this little nature path down Delsea a bit that is nice to take a walk down. I actually like the Rowan campus a lot, specifically over back by Bunce, on that side of 322. There aren’t that many classes and stuff over there so I feel like people miss it but it’s actually really nice and people should definitely check it out. There’s some woods I like to take a walk in over by Campus Crossings too. Nice little escape for nature lovers. Glassboro is also cool because you can hop in the car and be in Philly in like 20 minutes and obviously there’s all sorts of stuff there. So yeah, to the people that feel bored, just look around! Or go to your blog. (laughs)

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