A Night of Poetry in Glassboro

On Thursday, November 29th, Rowan students gathered upstairs at the Barnes & Nobles on Rowan Boulevard for “Rhythm & Prose”, a poetry reading organized by Avant, Rowan’s student-run literary club, and Lyrical Alliance, a slam poetry club here on campus. The event featured readings from Avant’s self-titled literary magazine, even digging into the club’s vaults for poems written by students as far back as the early 1970’s. Lyrical Alliance provided their own flavor for the night, with poems that infused heavy rhythm with personal perspective.

Avant accepts submissions for its magazine throughout the year from matriculated students and according to their magazine, is “published biannually by the undergraduate students of Rowan University and exclusively features undergraduate work.” The club is overseen by Professor Ron Block, who at the event said, “I don’t do a lot. I don’t advice much. The students are highly organized and artistic.” It is encouraging to see students so deeply involved in producing something unique to our university. Issues of Avant can be found throughout campus and I highly recommend students to check out their fellow classmate’s work if they haven’t already.

Josh Howard, president of the Lyrical Alliance, said the event was “long overdue,” and recited his poetry with powerful confidence and passion, evoking a positive response from the crowd. Other highlights included readings from student Scott Seigel, who revved up the audience of about 40 people with a fictional performance piece about the town’s water supply being tainted with LSD and a reading of a poem from the 1972 issue of Avant by student Gabrielle Ostapovich about the grim realities of veterans returning from Vietnam.

Rhythm and Prose was a truly entertaining experience and a great chance to see what Rowan students have to offer in terms of artistic expression. The vibrant diversity of student experience here in Glassboro reflected wonderfully in the readings and I hope to enjoy more events of this type.

Avant meetings are held every Thursday at 5 p.m. in The Publication Suite, room 220, of the Student Center. Submissions can be sent to avantzine@gmail.com. 



The revitalization of Glassboro brings new dining options

The ongoing development of downtown Glassboro is bringing a new crop of exciting businesses to the town. Some of these include Prime Burger, Green Zebra and a new location of Ry’s Bagels, currently located in a shopping center off of Delsea. The news is exciting for both residents of Glassboro and students, who are often left unhappy with the dining options on and off campus.

These new businesses provide an opportunities for more variety in student’s diets and places to go during their free time. For example, Corey Gardner-Meeks, owner of Green Zebra, said in an interview with the Gloucester County Times that, “Our focus is on having healthy, flavorful ingredients that are local, when available.” One complaint I personally here a lot from students is the lack of vegetarian options on campus so the opening of Green Zebra should cover many bases.

With the growing revitalization of downtown Glassboro, we will surely see more and more new and interesting businesses begin to pop up. It will be fun to finally see the dining options in Glassboro shaken up. Check back to this blog for more updates and reviews of these exciting new businesses!

Experiencing the Tunnel of Oppression

On November 20th, 2012 a conglomerate of student diversity groups put on the Tunnel of Oppression in Rowan University’s Student Center Ballroom. The Tunnel of Oppression is a highly interactive experience that places individuals in intense situations of hate, prejudice and self-doubt. The goal of the Tunnel is to raise awareness about  various oppressions and hopefully to inspire people to get involved in eradicating these problems that continue to plague society. The Tunnel operated from 5:00pm-7:00pm and tours lasted about 6-8 minutes.

Warning: this video contains explicit language.

The Tunnel of Oppression from Steve Giangola on Vimeo.

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